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October 29, 2012


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Jill James

Hi Laura.....I'll come clean about my absolute worst thing I've ever made (well, there's two of them) Mexican Quiche and Molded Chicken Rice Loaf. The loaf thingy came out of my Aunt Jewell's recipe box & she was a fabulous cook. It was DREADFUL and super old fashioned.

Really though, quiche should be mushrooms, cheese, bacon, spinach. Mexicans don't do quiche & chicken should not be loafed!

Violet is proud to call you Mom ~ you go all out......What a cute treat bag.


Love the treats and bags! Too cute! Most of the meals look great.

My worst culinary disaster in recent memory involved following a Rachael Ray recipe when I KNEW mistakes were being made and I ended up with the most awful overcooked chicken. Why do I ignore my own knowledge and assume a recipe is right, even when I know it's not?


Wow, a "worst" recipe, and it seems there was a fair amount of effort that went into it. I'm not coming up with a worst. I COULD count the stuffed shells I just made using hamburger and ground pork Bob bought for me. The meat was poor quality, and the expire date was the for the day he purchased it. I mean, COME ON! I wouldn't eat it, but everyone else (who didn't know the dirty little secret) liked it. Those treat bags are adorable. I can see the rolling of eyes from the other mothers. How can they stay In the game?!

Laura Irrgang

That Rachel Ray is a naughty little minx.
She probably did it on purpose.

Laura Irrgang

Im so glad you guys fess up to cooking disasters, too!
Jill, at first my mind read that as Moulded Chicken Rice Loaf.
Freudian slip? Or would that be a Freudian Superimposition?
Anything with meat that is molded....hmmmmm.
Aunt Jewells recipe box, indeed!
I think only people of a certain age enjoy molded foods.
Aspics are the WORST!

Jill James

My mother~in~law (and I adore her) makes Oyster Stew (cream & oysters ~ super yuck) and tomato aspic EVERY Christmas. I totally gag. Why make tangy tomato slippery substance with chunks of celery and then mold it! And then make people eat it?

She is from Kansas and while I was pregnant, served me lamb neck bones in gravy over rice....YES! I am warped from that experience. And it left a mark on my unborn son........

Laura Irrgang

Oh, LORD! Oysters AND aspic AND lamb necks?
Was she trying to kill you?
Maybe she really hates company and shes passive-aggressively trying to
ensure shell have the holidays to herself.


I love your posts on food. Do the gummies have to stay refrigerated?

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