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September 11, 2012


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Jill James

You're going to swing on a trapeze (and not on the one in your bedroom?!) I saw your e-mail! You should wear a tiny leotard for Adam too.....Love the circus.....we usually go to the little parking lot ones where you can ride the elephant. Barnum & Bailey is very neon since Disney bought it. Circuses are one of my favorite things ~ my new book "Altered Art Circus" just arrived. I'm a lets transform some junk into something kind of gal.

I was belly dancing at Raqs Hazen on Saturday ~ lots of costume preparing & practicing for our short 5 minutes....

Wonder what Adam will do next year to compare to this?

Laura Irrgang

Oh, Jill.....you spoiler, you!
Where are the photos, maam????
They are required......you in your supreme belly dancing circus glory.
Hey----do you want to do another guest post thats circus themed?
Im going to pester you about that.


I know I know!!

You are going to use all of your savings to buy all the remnants of an abandoned circus, and have a circus on your property.

And and, Violet will ride the Elephants.

That is the real fact.

I know it.


Is a parcel from Fredrick's of Hollywood part of the plan?


I know! I know!
But I'll never tell.

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