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September 08, 2012


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I LOOOOOVE how Grisella asked the boy to marry her.

That says so much doesn't it?

In this day and age?

Like in 1957, what would the mice have said to eachother?

But in modern day Grisella is like, hey let's get hitched and to seal the deal we can eat marshmallows all day, hahahaaaa!!!

Oh I LOVE her too Laura.

She's a special one.

Like, beyond special.


ps: Violet should compose the wedding tune!!


So so cute. I especially like the picture where the new Mr. and Mrs. Mouse are kissing :)

And I also think that all weddings should be like that, where you get to ask wether there is one thing you can do EVERY DAY (like thrift shop) and the answer is always YES.


Doesn't every child wear a frilly pale pink dress for play? And look like she is made of spun sugar? Or is it just Violet who is so scrumptious?

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