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September 10, 2012


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Those are adorable! They are both fabulous. And how cool it is that you KNEW the person who had that book as a kid!

By the way, I thought you, being a vintage lover also, could appreciate this story...and imagine just how "horrible" it was.

In my bathroom, I had some vintage avon bottles displayed on top of the medicine cabinet, among other trinkets. I also had a sign behind all of them, and decided to change it out. I think you can see where this is going...I was being rather lazy about it, and ended up knocking them (there were two or three) off, whereupon they immediately shattered. WHY DIDN'T I EVER THINK OF EMPTYING THOSE DAMN BOTTLES?!?!?!? Vintage avon cologne smell all throughout the house....eeek!! My husband said it smelled like somebody's grandmother. Um yeah, times A THOUSAND. I started teasing him when he was in there..."Myrtle? Are you done?"

I swear I will now never buy a vintage avon bottle again. No matter how cute it is. Probably.

Laura Irrgang

Oh, yuck! That Avon stuff is TERRIBLE, Marty.
I have some perfume bottle necklaces that kill me.
I want to wear them soooo bad, but then I smell like Myrtle.

Jill James

Love the embroidered alphabet......sometimes I wonder about some of the things I see abandoned in thrift stores. Maybe we all get in cleaning out moods and can't keep everything.

You gave someone's little childhood book a new life......my favorite is the Big Top Carnival picture. Soooooooooo darling.

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