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September 03, 2012


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YOu are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no clue.

But, smurfs live there, I am sure.

In Norwegia of course.


Sorry to disappoint you, but that's actually Norwegia's highest security prison. That's where they lock up the very worst criminals with robot imitations of kids like mine. They're (the criminals, not the robots of course) fed a steady diet of barbecue chips and Kool-aid, and forced to listen to whining 24/7. Fascinating how differently other societies do things...


Oh, Marty---you're killing me!

Shellie warren

I was told it's Dutch and translates into a pancake house.
And means the large gnomes. I'm part dutch & didnt even recognize the language so I put it on face book and got that answer in return. Lol :) it sure is cute, I could live there!

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