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September 02, 2012


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Ohhh, goody. A menu post. I am on a bit of a cooking strike at the moment so it's helpful to get ideas from a home cook. You know, real recipes for real people? I did make tomato soup one night (without the meat or noodles), BLT sandwiches another night, and CostCo chicken enchiladas for 2 nights. We like fish, too, but not the stinky kitchen part. Therefore we grill or bake salmon, sole, halibut, prawns, scallops. We are able to get everything fresh, except the frozen Gulf prawns. Beware of From China product! Hugs, Doll. Happy Labor Day to you and your adorble gang.

Jill James

The roast chicken looks Julia Child-like! How yummy with all the onions......I LOVE soup! I tried the easiest potato soup out of Penzey's catalog. and it was delicious. There is also a smoked paprika, roast, onion & potato one I cooked ALL winter last year. My husband & I were seriously addicted.....another Penzey's recipe from a grandma (those grandma recipes are always perfect ~ no adjusting necessary)

How annoying that must have been to not taste food!

Charlotte ~ why oh why is our fish coming from China? I looked on the back of my smoky peppercorn salmon fillet & it said
CHINA!!!!!!!! and what are they feeding them if they're farmed ~

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