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September 17, 2012


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OMG, such an eclectic post. I watched super nanny a few times and she is all about doing what you say. So painful making the transition, for both parent and child, but it worked. You are the best mom. I mean it. The idea of a calming jar is terrific. Letting violet make her jar, genius. On to the next thing...don't believe you've posted a pic of Piper for a couple days. Where is she ?!

Jill James

Fits aren't pretty but that counting and threatening stuff is hilarious, especially when you see a mom in public counting to 3 ~ 10X over. Dads get results because their voices are deeper! Moms just sound worse than the kids whining.

I am going to make a glitter jar for my husband and one for myself. Off to our time outs and glitterize!

The videos are a scream.....Women Know Your Limits is another funny one.

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