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August 31, 2012


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Oh that Piper!!

And the whales, sigh. So beautiful.

Yes I agree at 1:29 they are like and under water sax or something hauntingly beautiful as such.

Adam is a hoot.

What about the chain link vest?


Also - I must add.

I am sort of sad that, a baby belly as such looks so crrrrazy cute on Piper, and not so cute on me.

Why is that?


Jill James

Adam should definitely make a chain link vest to go with his arm warmers! and if he does actually wear arm warmers ~ please take a picture......sometimes in belly dance, dancers wear arm warmers & one dancer had "f" you embroidered up the side. Honestly, not very ladylike. We all were trying not to look at it. (and remember not to invite her back)

I digress! I have the Monterey Bay Aquarium Humpback whale CD .... it is very relaxing with music in the background & I forgot all about it. Laura....only you would have Shaft & then Humpback whale lullabyes within 1 day!

The heart leaf says it all next to Piper's shining bright face.....

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