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May 16, 2012


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I have three favorites: Camille Styles, A Blonde in Beijing, and A Cup of Jo. They're all lighthearted and lovely - and a nice way to see new things. Happy blogging!


My faves are Harper's Happenings, Her Library Adventures, Be Different Act Normal, and Thompson family life :)


My blog hopping revolves around paper crafting. I continue to find new blogs by hopping from one I know to one they follow, etc, etc. I don't have blogs I look at everyday, but a few favorites are Tim Holtz, Graphic 45, and, well, does a shopping site count? No, still I go to Gilt often. Also, may I say, that when I find a blog I love, like The Armadillo's, they better never quit 'cause I would miss it so.

Jill James

I stalk some (never commenting).....Justabedofroses.blogspot.com, she has a teeny tiny store in a haunted house ~ stuff jumps off shelves in there! This lady is super talented at display (estates she purchases.) Plus, she's on a healthy eating binge & I love her recipes. Her daughter is married to someone 25 years older & mainly, I just wonder about THAT!!!!!

Angrychicken.typepad.com is another blog I stalk. She's a little bit hippie, homeschools her 3 daughters, married to a computer programmer, makes intriguing salads, lives in Portland, has fabulous book recommendations & posts rockin store finds.

Google jennie doh (I go on there from facebook). She used to be one of the editors of Where Women Create. Her husband makes bento box lunches for her every day & I love looking at those since we lived in Okinawa 3 years & I'm fascinated with dollhouse looking food!

Magnolia Pearl is beyond belief.....I look at Posie gets cozy because she seems to have such a calm life & Inside a Black Apple also....

From Utah, NieNieDialogues ~ she puts everyone to shame with her outlook on life after being burned over 80% of her body. And her sister, CJaneKendrick is hilarious with her "I'm a Mormon, but you'd never know it" style of writing. And, NO, I am not a Mormon (even though I live in Utah......

And my 2 all time faves - Laura's (of course!) and A Fanciful Twist.

Furtunato ~ The Fortune Teller

First of all, I LOVE Jill James, don't you Laura???

Also - I love that I am on your list, because you are too cool for words, and one of my fave people! Can I dress up as a rhinestone armadillo if I ever go to visit you?

I love Alicia Paulson too (Posie), and I super LOVE my vists to you, a must! And I love the blog called Sanctuary (houseofbliss.blogspot.com)

And, I peek into lots of other blogs from time to time if I can. You know my lists of friends from the beginning - love to visit them from time to time.

The sad thing is, so many blogs i liked have not posted for a year or more, or only post every two weeks, or even have disappeared, freaks me out ;)

A change is abrewin me thinks...

Please don't go away ever, you are so much fun my dear Laura friend!!

xoxo hobbit love!

Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

Ooooopsie!! I am still posting as Furtunato, tee heeeeeeee ;))) My bad ;) He is going to kill me for that ;) hahahaeee!

Jill James

p.s. I am also married to someone much older than me (and I even wonder about it!)

Lisa Muncy

My fave blogs are you, Laura, of course!! And SusanBranch.com. You've got to go to her site, it's wonderful. Check out her homemaking posts, plus all her recipes. Do you have any Susan Branch books? They're wonderful! Right now she and her husband are on a vacation in England, and she's taken us (her blog girlfriends) with her! Love, love, love her blog, you will too so check it out!!

Lisa Muncy

Oh, and also visit myvintagemending. And ikatbag.com. Both crafty and sewing moms. You'll love those.

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