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May 23, 2012


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Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}


I am totally with you! Totally. The other day when I accidentally said text me, I meant e-mail me :) And you were like, I DON"T TEXT, and I was like, wait wait, I don't text either :)))

And, I so don't.

I have this little teal green phone that can only call people (and receive calls). Well, it can text but it is too confusing, and I don't see why punching words in slow is easier than just calling the person and being like, "okay, see you in five minutes at the corner store, bye."

You know what I mean?

I need to know that the person heard me too.

Do you think that, it is too hard for people to be blunt and say, "I have to go now, can't talk much" - so they text instead??? I don't know.

Texting makes me insane - but my whole family does it. My mom is a texting queen. She will text me to my e-mail all day, since my phone is never on.

We send pictures and words back and forth, mine get sent to her phone, hers get sent to my e-mail.

I don't even know where my cell phone is most of the time... sigh...

And don't even get me stated on books and newspapers. I would DIE without the touch factor of it all.

I mean, what will we ever do if the computer world implodes and ceases to exist?

No newspapers, no magazines, no snail mail, no post office, no voice to voice. No way to read maps, since cars tell people where to go now....
It's scary, it so is.

Of course, I don't care what anyone else does, nor do I judge them, I think the gadgets are cool, just not for me.

It just scares me - are we setting ourselves up for total doom???

OH boy, let's just hope technology stays put.

Okay, now I am all worried and weird :))))


Time to check on Matty.

Looove, V

ps: Are you still pregnant??? Of course you are, tell that girl you are ready and she can have a treat if she comes out soon, tee hee xoxo

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