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April 20, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

I am so glad you posted today because I LOVE visiting you.

Did you know that?

LOVE the dresses, my gooodness! They are amazing! Every little square is beyond interesting and delightful. What a huge project turned out wondrous!

I adore your Violet girl.

Loooove, V


Can't wait to see you gals in them dresses. The flower medallion on the top is a lovely focal point. Sew on.


I'm pretty sure you're in the running for Mommy of the Year.

Miss you bunches...

Jill James

Just read Vanessa's post on her mood board - these dresses are portable mood boards!

Noticed you wore them to your dr. appt. with flowers in your hair....so charming.....

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Jill!
I really liked Vanessas mood boards. I do something similar in journal form.
Do you keep anything like that around?

Those funky fabrics are so fun. Its nice to be able to use a small scrap rather than throw it away.

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