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April 21, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Horrible. Awful! Unbelievable!

Can you imagine?

Poor man...

Tell granny to stay clear away from them swans, k?


That is so sad...and so odd. A swan drowning a grown man.

We had some out where we live, a long time ago. They finally had to get rid of them because they were so dang mean!

Grandma should steer clear of the taking care of the swans job.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Ummm, lalalalalaura!!! Did the swans get you? Oh oh, can you imagine if you were baking a swan baby in the oven? How wild would that be?? I loved when fairytales were dark like that. Like, the tiny boy, whose father sold him to the circus? Tom Thumb was it???

Question. Can we have another photo shoot of Mooskies and Violet?

Do they sit and chat? Is he ever so patient with her? Does she adore him? What is their relationship like?

Does she ever dress him up?

Does he like her when she wears her carebear costume?

I can't ever get over the care bear costume.

I LOVE it.

I loooove it!!

love, v

Laura Irrgang

Im staying away from the swans.

Mooskies and Violet are so sweet. They are such pals.
She loves to wrap him up in blankets and such. Hes thrilled with the attention, but understandably a little skittish sometimes. She works hard to be gentle, but small children have a hard time with that concept. Her favorite thing is to completely put her face on him like a pillowand say, Moooooskies! Oh, Moooskies! I get grossed out when he licks her face and make him get down, but she seems to think of them as kisses. They sit together and have snacks, and watch videos, and he loves to accompany her when she goes anywhere outside. Im so glad I can share him with her. Especially now that I
dont have the time and energy to spend with him that I used to.

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