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February 29, 2012


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Colorado Barb

You are blessed with incredible talent and creativity. The things you sew are adorable and only you notice the imperfections. You daughter is a gem. I love your blog and have been following it for a couple years now. I enjoy your posts. They are fun and candid. Know there are probably MANY people out there who love your blog too. It inspires me to keep searching for the "right side" of my brain :)


I love the outfit and I think you did a wonderful job! For some reason, in these photos Violet looks like a little girl and not like a toddler... how did that happen so fast? *sniff*

Laura Irrgang

Oh, I know!
I woke up one day and had a little girl.
I have a baby on the way, though, so Im not feeling too sniffy.
When the baby turns into a little girl, then Ill get the sniffs.


I love the dress! It turned out beautifully! The patterned fabric is great, too.

Laura Irrgang

Too bad she doesnt like it.
Im such a sucker for vintage fabric.
Do you sew, Carlin?
Im guessing you dont have the time even if you do.

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