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November 18, 2011


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And you did ALL OF THIS when? Those suitcases alone are a year worth of effort for me.


Hi, Just thought I'd pop in and say hello, been following your blog for a little while and it seemed rude not to :). Love your stuff and all the gorgeous photographs of violet, she's adorable. I have a little girl called Isla around the same age and I am soooo coveting her sweet little sesame street PJ's. Good luck with the book, sure it will be great x


Thanks for the update - I've missed you! I'm glad you've got so many pages for you novel, though.

LOVE the pics. You msust post pics of Violet in that Thanksgiving dress, even if you do it in December. :)


You're doing super-well on the novel! Nice job! :D I'm very impressed.

Violet is adorable, as always, and I really like the disney suitcase with the wicked witch on it :) Giving the kids cool suitcases and a disney land trip is a great idea, too.

I love the jewelry, as well :)

Jill James

just happened to peek in & here you are! Good Lord Girl....when do you sleep?!!!!! The waterfall necklace is to die for (along with the unicycle)....did you see Gwen Stefani's gold necklace she wore for her Target Harajuku Children's line debut? It was a little like your's only in gold tone.....

Sometimes do you dream a complicated dream & think it would make a good book? I've been on alka seltzer cold meds for a week & had some wild dreams that made me even say, "wow"......

No, I don't think Mackie smells grandmotherly! I do wish though I had my grandma's Edith Collins jeweled handbags my Aunt THREW AWAY!!! When visiting her in September, I asked her whatever happened to all those purses & she said she threw them in the portable dumpster while cleaning out her house. Heart stopping to say the least.....

Glad to see you rescuing luggage & giving it personality.....

Sending thankful thoughts your way for Thanksgiving, Jill


Hi again Laura!

Just noticed you said you loved gross-grain ribbon (and I expect ribbon in general..). Have you ever checked out VV Roleux? The website is pretty amazing but I believe the shop is something else!. I'm going to pay a visit before christmas to stock up on lots of stuff I don't really need and to view their fabulous window displays. I'll post some piccies for you. Their stuff is used in lots of British films and costume dramas. X
Jilly x

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