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September 18, 2011


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I love SB's salted caramel chocolate. The way I make it at home is with hot milk, a big spoonful of dry cocoa/sugar (50-50 of each), then a small amount of Mrs Richardson's caramel sauce, with a tiny sprinkle of Fleur d'Sel. Tastes just like SB's.

Jill James

I can't wait to make this Charlotte.....had it at the airport (w/whipped cream) They actually posted the calories but somehow tricked myself into not seeing them! and who cares anyway

Laura....maybe hot toddy mix would be good in your drink instead of the spices - no cream - but dance around the top with whipped cream (the evil aerosol kind)


Try using the dry cider mix that comes in packets? I don't know if that would solve the acidity problem or not.

Otherwise, you might look at your local wherever-you-would-go-to-get candy-making/specialty baking supplies (Hobby Lobby, Jo-ann's, whatever) and see if they have apple flavoring? A drop of that should take care of it.


OH! Use sweetened condensed milk as a creamer! That won't curdle!!!

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