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September 23, 2011


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Violet is such a perfect fairy! Cute. I love the mommy and me scarves. That's something I never would've thought of, but how darling! The video is great, the music just as you say--haunting. A little sad too, for some reason. It made me think of home and all my family there.


Your autumn candy display is lovely. Violet as a wood sprite...lovlier. The owl toast...what a wonderful world.


OMG, those photos of Violet just made my day! I will now go about my chores a happy smiling woman. I think that little girl is having my dream childhood, and that is so fun to watch. :)

I enjoyed all the photos, and yes, I eat too much candy corn whenever it's around.

a fanciful twist

Laura!!!! Heloooooo! First of all, Violet is beyond precious. That fairy frock is amazing, and the photos of her in front of the stacked wood, makes her look like she is inside of a kaleidoscope (hope I spelled that right).

The scarves are perfectly fall lovely soft dreamy, and your first photo of the fog is pure Pride and Prejudice. I expect to see Darcy walking towards you ;)


Your breakfast is so sweet! I love that you make Violet fun food. My mom used to pack my lunches with sandwiches in the shapes of hearts and stars, and moons and all sorts of things. And pancakes with all manner of faces. I wish I had appreciated it more back then. That was so amazing of her, like you are doing for Violet. So beautiful!

As for candy corn.

Dare I share this?

Lovee LOVES candy corn, and has to have it when it hits the stands (fresh, as he calls it), so, my candy jars have been filled and emptied since last month. And now, to think, I have to go buy 6 more bags. How can he be so slim??? I dunno. Not fair!

Candy corn in jars, makes the world a happy place!!

Love you Laura!



My autumn is a tad less fun :( Today it's misty and foggy, and I'm battling a sore throat :(

however... that's life. I'm excited for the leaves to start to change!

a fanciful twist

ps: Tori does her version of Erik Satie, with her own words on the new album!! Forgot to tell you. Had to come in from mowing the weeds to say that or I would forget forever ;)


I love that Violet dresses up so much. She is entirely too cute!


This is how I always imagine Violet, as a little woodland fairy! I'll be enjoying Fall much more this weekend when temps here plummet from the mid 80s to 65! I HATE it when it looks like Fall, but still feels like August, such a bummer. Here's to cooler weather!!!

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