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July 22, 2011


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a Fanciful Twist

Did you say BITHDAY???????? OH NO! Where was I? Well, I wish you a very hugs a bunches birthday!! With 24k gold rain drops, and buckets of anything you want ;)

Am I a cheeseball?

Oh also, I almost fell off of my chair with Violet's yogurt body scrub. Was she in deep trouble? My mom would have killed me ;)

Oh, such lovely goodness, you and all the things you do dear Laura!

Love, V


Your daughter kills me, every time :)
And that smoothie looks... like... wow. I'm impressed. Violet is the opposite of a picky eater, I suppose. I don't know that I've met many adults who would try such a healthy-ingredient smoothie.
Also, about the light-up Jesus -- my friend has a talking Jesus doll. He quotes bible verses and moves his arms.
About my summer? Well, today I made popsicles! And I've been babysitting a lot, and they have a pool, which is lovely :) It's been a fairly good summer ^_^


That romper came out sooooo cute. Never would've guessed you made it! Re-reading that, it sounds wrong...sorry, I just mean--it's fab! And Violet has the cutest smile ever, the kind that makes you grin because she looks so darn happy and delighted! :) Cutie pie.

We are going through the worst picky-eater stage with Jake. I think the only foods he'll eat are chicken nuggets. He smells everything before he touches it. Today he turned down strawberry shortcake because I added some blueberry sauce I made. Seeing Violet drink her smoothie makes me jealous! ;)

Laura Irrgang

Oh, good! Violet is disgustingly cute, huh?
That smoothie was so good. If you like avocado, youd like it I think.
Its very creamy. I dont think youre old enough to be whipping up cocktails,
but I also really like avocado daquiris. Theyre good with Mexican or Cuban food.

Im glad you made popsicles! Sarah will be proud. What flavor?

I want the Jesus doll. I have a friend who has a boxing nun puppet. Oh, how I covet it!

Have lovely days by the pool! I could go for a pool. Actually, I couldnt---I dont want to
mess with the maintenance.



Really, I can't bear to look at that pic of Vi with yogurt all over herself. Mama, did you grab her up (with just an accidental pinch) and whisk her into the tub? Then there she is angelic with the fruit smoothie. Lucifer, get thee behind me. I love the ruffled dress you made for her. Of all the ensembles you've created, this is at the top of the favorite list. Again with cake! I made myself a choc cake with orange marmelade filling and choc butter cream frosting. Jacey had 3 large pieces, I had 1 piece and Bob ate the rest. I was not happy to find the last really large wedge GONE into my husband's expanding belly. Unkind? Glad you can't read my mind.

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