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June 29, 2011


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Wow! You scored big time here. Love all the colors and textures. A great variety.


I think my favorite us the granny shirt. Love the cheerful print!

What size does Violet wear? I recently found a really cute vintage looking dress that she'd be adorable in! There's a pic of it on my latest blog post.

Jill James

When its only a quarter......chop chop! Baby shoe linings out of a leather skirt sounds like an etsy shop in the making.......

Went to an arts festival this past weekend & some ingenious seamstress had a booth with children's clothing sewn out of different fabrics that went together (kind of expensive boutique looking) but she probably chopped thrift finds.....


Okay, I have to know where this place is. It's totally worth the madness!

Stacy Ross

Sorta hatin' on you right now.

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