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June 13, 2011


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Jill James

I painted my toenails lacey lilac and bought a rockin bathing suit coverup but the piece de resistance is my new gigundous fake ring from Ross that gets at least a compliment/day....it takes a special person to wear it & you would rock it out too Miss Armadillo!

Laura Irrgang

Way to go, Jill!

Tell me more about this ring, please.

By the way---Ross has great shoes, if you dont mind digging.
In Texas, the store always looks like its been torn apart by wild beasts.

Jill James

I came back on to clarify "special" - it really means extra faux! I will photo it for you.....Ross has its good days & its not so great days (wild wolves attack ours) My husband buys me fabulous jewelry and is always slightly amazed at how I combine faux with real (tastefully, of course!) ha ha......I was gardening in my pajamas the other day & thinking how much I don't care what anyone thinks any more - who are these "people" we have to conform to? (a little ranty) anyhoo!


Whew, my head is spinning with it all. You big hair Texas gals sure know how to tease (hair, get it?). Oh, honey, those pics of you dressed up, with baby doll dancing and hanging all over you...PRICELESS. My faux tan recommendation is Jergen's Natural Glow, fair to medium skin tone for me. And only on the legs. I figure my arms get a bit of sun exposure. And a good powder bronzer for the face. Off to suffer through another watermelon margarita. HUGS to you.


I've never fake tanned (and because I'm about as white as they come, I've never real tanned either ^^;), because I'm just so terrified that I'll apply it wrong and it'll turn out blotchy, or that it just won't look good on me. Just this year I decided that I will wear SPF 110 every single day, and make sure that I absolutely remain as white as a sheet. I figure because of the Twilight craze, people will think that I'm even more attractive than I really am because I glow in the sunlight. The Cullens are supposed to do that, too, right?

I will, however, be figuring out a voluminous 'do that works for me ^_^ and then (if all goes well) I'll post pictures and link to you :D

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