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June 22, 2011


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Happy Birfday to You! What fun. A chocolate cake with that thick icing and an old fashioned bike. I hope you have a joyous day with your loving family.

Stacy Ross

You are such a stinker!!!! I'm writing it down and WILL NOT let you down next year. Hope you have a fantastical day....


Happy Birthday, Laura!!! I have an aqua beach cruiser, too. Enjoy your special day!

Jill James

Happy Birthday -again- fellow Cancerian (noticed Miss Charlotte is one also)......Domestic Divas Unite!

That chocolate cake looks divine. What a creative idea to buy a piece of art on your birthday......light a tealight for every year you are and bask in your life.


Yay! Happy Birthday Laura! :D


Happy birthday, dearest! That happy birthday song sounds like it would be the best present ever! Also, the bicycle looks adorable ^_^ I hope you have the grandest of times riding it.


Oh my goodness! I'll comment on this twice (if it'll let me), because I just remembered that I made cinnamon swirl bread a few weeks ago with buttermilk in it! The loaf is in my freezer now ^_^

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