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February 15, 2011


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I think you did great--better than me!! But if nothing else, as they say, "It's the thought that counts..."

a fanciful twist

I think it looks yummy, all of it. Green soup too. Maybe you should have watched the exorcist as you ate it ;) That could have been fun? Hahhaa! No really, it doesn't look that bad you lovely.

But the rest of the edibles have made me starved.

HAPPY late Valentine's DAY! We had burritos ;) take-out no less ;)

Love, V

ps: LOVE the sweetheart dress for baby V and the shoes and bracelet for vous!!

Charlotte Smothers

I think it looks delicious. We had left over spaghetti sauce, fresh pasta, coleslaw and champagne...by the grace of having a generator. Our power went out a 5pm and not back until 1:30am. Smarter to eat at home, anyway, since restaurants started using prix fix on VD.


Oh Laura, how I've missed all your posts, especially the ones about the dinners you cook!!! I bet that was yummy like Hell!
Miss you~D

Jill James

Ever since I saw pork spelled "prok" on a Chinese menu, that's how I always say it now! Are you sure you aren't too hard on yourself? You are a FABULOUS cook & if you're not, it looks really good in pictures!

Loved Miss Violet's darling dress ensemble complete with headband... you are too stylish yourself with the mod-podged shoes!

We ate lunch out on Valentines because I absolutely do not like to fry food at home but love love love halibut & chips. We must be an old married couple (26 years) because really, who eats fish at lunchtime on a romantic holiday?! I used to make fun of people like we're turning into......

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