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January 17, 2011


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Love the skirt, and the idea of a ball gown skirt and simple top (recall Sharon Stone's GAP t-shirt for Oscar's years ago?) in lieu of the over-wrought or over-revealing gown. However, Tilda, honey, a little color would perk you up. Those pale pink shoes won't get it done.

Jill James

That's REALLY funny! Doesn't she look like the nurse they send in to get you out of bed after surgery?! Nurse Austere.....

Jill James

Charlotte.....no no no!!! That is not a skirt to love! It looks like polyester satin on the .99/yard table with some elastic strung through

you know, like something you'd through on over your bikini top to pick up Keystone Light in! (not that I've ever done that)

Jill James

throw not through

a fanciful twist

She's funny! I love her. She is so icy, but humurous too. Or maybe, once you are the ice queen you can never go back? I dunno :)

I bet you that her blouse was like, $5,400 bucks.

And it was the rarest silk ever, Or something like that. :)

And she was like, I shall wear thiiiis! With the Queen's rare satin curtain as a skirt!

And to the rest of us, it's just a white button up :)

I like the concept (I know, gasp gasp), but the skirt is totally the wrong shape.... and, the shoes look like sweetheart candies, which I love, but i am not sure how I feel about them as shoes.

Although, I would choose her outfit over some of the gowns out there :)))

No no, better yet, If it was me, invited as Vanessa Valencia, I just would not have gone. I would have pulled my hermit card ;)

Lalalalaaaaaaaluuuv u.

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