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January 29, 2011


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Jill James

How much Mod Podge did you use?! CRAZY CUTE!!! I love children's books too.......they are so calming --- well, except some Fairy Tales and even then they have deep messages.

I can just see one of these suitcases coming around the bend on the luggage carrier!

Laura Irrgang

I have used about 6 layers so far (of Mod Podge) and Im going to add 8-10, I think.
I want them to be really protected and thick.

I love childrens books because EVERYONE can relate to them.
They hit some sort of deep seated internal nerve with all of us.

I had the airport thought this week, too, Jill!

How fun would it be to be at the bag go-round and see your

happy fairy tale suitcase in a see of boring black bags?

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