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January 25, 2011


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You lie. Please tell me you lie.

a fanciful twist

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew there was a five in there. My witchie side kept saying, there is a 5 in there, a 5 :))))

I can't wait to eat my piece of fossilized fruitcake.

But really, you should save it an enjoy it yourself. :)))))

LOOOOOOve, V So funnny, so so funny.

When I met mister he had canned from from 1981 and 1976.

Yes, I know.

a fanciful twist

ps: Please tell adam to have lots of fiber with that fossil.

a fanciful twist


Laura, I think you are a chemist crazy scientist woman at heart, as it runs in your blood. This I LOVE about you. Now, that said, I can only imagine what you keep in your lab, I mean fridge. And, I for one, would pay money to see what else is in there. Please tell me there is something else wonderfully old and fabulous in there? Please oh please.

This intrigue comes from the girl who LOVES squeezing zits.

I just took out things from my fridge that were there so long, I can't even tell you what they once were.

Jill James

.....even bugs like salmonella won't live in a fruitcake....!

I kind of wished now I had taken a picture of the zucchini that had taken up residence in my garage refrigerator. I put pellegrino waters & sodas out there & don't know how it wound up in the vegetable bin but it became a circus curiosity after a year! I could see through the glass how it was doing & for some reason would not get rid of it...my husband finally got rid of it --- now thats love !!

I think you & Vanessa need to send the fruitcake back & forth to each other at Christmas w/homemade painted wrapping paper.....

Jill James

Fruitcake is kind of up there with mincemeat in the "what is this category"..... One of those old fashioned things that can be good if made without citron (fruit soaked in nail polish remover)

Clove gum, sen sen, figgy pudding, chestnuts & Coca-Cola (which I think has violet flavoring in it) all have that by-gone era taste to them.

Laura Irrgang

Id love to have seen your zucchini, Jill. I know what you mean---after a certain point,

you just cant throw something away. Its the weird factor.

Man, sen sen is just NASTY. It smells like manky British men to me.

I think thats what Michael Canes breath would smell like.

I didnt know Coca-Cola had violet flavoring in it!!!!!! Neat!

Jill James

Sen Sen is the candy version of Axe deodorant! Axe wins the prize of nastiest smelling potion with multimillion advertising. Maybe Michael Caine sucks on sen sen & wears Axe......

I am pontificating (what?) that Coke has violet flavoring in it (it has an undertone Pepsi doesn't have) & violet was very popular then.

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