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December 24, 2010


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I am in awe. Wasn't it you who said you just wanted to snuggle with family? It must have been your twin who MADE ALL THIS STUFF...skirts, sweater, jam, candied peel, bird treats. Gasp. Absolutely fab, as always. Hugs to you and that darling baby. Mamma Crab

Jill James

Hello to the Charlotte above - My mom's name was Charlotte & a crab (July 21) and I'm July 12th! Cancers unite.....

Only you could rock that sweater coat & skirt (love how you make the skirt look with your belt) And what a cutie Violet is in her's. If I was so lucky to receive a jam, I would frame the label - its a work of art by itself.....you are very good with your time - the birds even get Christmas goodies! Merry Christmas to you and yours......

Brandi McKenna

Those Christmas clothes are awesome! Laura they are beautiful, and cool! What an awesome way to recycle a Christmas Sweater!! Your a genius, and you and baby are so beautiful in them!! Merry Christmas!!

a fanciful twist


I have no wrods to express my love for that Christmas Sweater.

I think I have to scream, hold on......


And the tree skirts??

I must have one next year.

You rock. But like, mush more than rock. if there was a term above rocking, that's you.

You get the medal for all things beyond good okay?

My holiday came and went in one fell swoop.

I am going to start preparing for next year now.

Also, how to find a way to sneak into your house and "borrow" the Christmas sweater? hmmmmmm......


Awesome painting, and Miss Onederful is beyond adorable in her tree skirt too!

Love, V

Rhonda Roo

My mom is making goo goo noises at Miss Onederful's pic....she's just that kind of wee one, you know??

I guess you do. <3


huh you just think 2 year olds know how to tantrumidize (a word right?) ;)

Did you make those labels for your yummies? those are gorgeous gifts in and of themselves...as is the picture of the redbirds in the tree branches, i really love that shot.

Now here's the other dilemma--how do I steal the sweater before V gets to it?


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