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November 25, 2010


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1. I'm jealous of your boots, your mushrooms and your raccoon friend.
2. The picture of you, Adam and Baby Love is Christmas card worthy...even though I know you have bigger plans.
3. I want to know why I get weird looks when I wear my red hat/red boots outfit like Chickadee, and she gets her own blog picture. Hmmm...odd.
4. Miss you...loves you bunches...

a fanciful twist


I can't move. I cooked up a stork :)

I LOVE thet Violet of yours.

Send her to auntie V's okay?

ps: I love her outfits, can i come live in your moss?

Love y'all!

Jill James

Violet's outfits KILL me! (the baby acorn doesn't fall too far from the Mama acorn tree)
Are those sparkly tights you're wearing? FABULOUS....
I would stuff those mushrooms with a cream cheese, hot Jimmy Dean sausage, and onion mixture --- it would be a tasty death
and last but not least - boot envy!

Jill James

I don't think there are acorn trees! That would be an oak tree..... but who cares when you're hopped up on cold medication


Those berries look like ones from the Beautyberry bush, Callicarpa dichotoma.

Birds love them!


As always, I love all your pictures of your gorgeous family and your enviable life!
I did had a wonderful Thanksgiving here with my fam:)


Splinters are so very painful. I use icthammol salve on my horse Buffy when he has a foot abscess. Didn't know it was for people, too. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics of your family and your little slice of heaven.

Rhonda Roo

Onederful's my kinda gal. i see barbie godiva is up to mischief.

Famous women are rarely well behaved.

You're a beauty inside and out. Kiss the fam and tell 'em kiss you back

..and then take a solemn oath NOT to eat those shrooms OR berries.

But roll in the moss all you want. ;)

Brandi McKenna

Laura, your making ink out of those berries is so awesome!. We have a berry that I used to try and do that with, but last time I did, I was still a kid! I love the pics! You three have got to be the most attractive family in all of Texas,
glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

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