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October 04, 2010


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Mmmm, sweaters, Fall, orange brown gold burnt sienna green yellow red goodness!!!

a fanciful twist

I want.

I want.

I want too.

Love, me

ps: It was breezy all day, high of 89. Laura, it has been over 100 since may. I was starting to honestly feel like I was going over the edge. Like, my entire being was going to just fall apart, perish from overwhlemingness of the weather. Thank heavens for a breeze. 49', don't even tell me ;)


If I was just a smidge more talented, I could have one....or if I had just a smidge more money, I could have one.
Since I have neither, I'll just dream.

Jill James

Did you see the Gypsy Traveling Coat? Just the name makes me want it!

Ugly sweater ducklings turned into beautiful coat swans.......


Ooooh Jill, that was GOOD....

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