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September 12, 2010


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Jill James

I'm making these! (after I can salsa which might take awhile) Where did you find a bag of cardamom? (it looks like it might be from India) I started buying the little Tone's brand because it was $11.00 for a teeny bottle of name brand.

Re: Miss Copycat - First of all, her toenails are dirty in her foot photo! and secondly, those "dolls" are homely...


I found my can of pumpkin at Whole Foods and it took a lot of hunting around to find. Of course, I was looking way back in June when I had to have this pumpkin dessert...fall was a monkey on my back then. I bought extra and I have the can facing the opening of the pantry cause I too love that little pumpkin pic.

Those muffins look super good!!
Love your blog!!!

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