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September 01, 2010


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a fanciful twist

She went to schooooool????? OH Laura!! Snif sniffffle!

Oh what courage that girl has!

OI am so glad she had fun.

I adore all of your paintings. Every single one.

Your posts are delicious, I am catching up on them and just smitten! Oh such Halloween gooooodnesss!!



Oooooooh, she's a big girl now. We must stop her....right in her little tracks. I want her to stay Onederful forever and ever...Twoderful doesn't work...

Jill James

You're in for a ride! (I cried and my daughter didn't moving her to the dorm) Their childhood goes by so fast and it doesn't seem like it while you're in it - the days are long but the years are short.....volunteer for all the field trips you can when she starts elementary school. They will be some of your favorite memories.

You have a very nostalgic feel to your art.....I can smell the pencil shavings and the glue through the computer!

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