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September 22, 2010


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Rhonda Roo

lookit little baby girl eeekk and the perverted fox statue....

yes it'll all go way faster than we want it to, and probably not the way we plan it, so we just dont blink too much....

and always take time to whisper back to the trees.


a fanciful twist

HAPPY AUTUMNAL LOVE!! To the loveliest of folks. Goodnesssss me. Ya'll should be in a catalog, or magazine! xoxo

Jill James

A beautiful post....my friend's husband died of a stroke at 53 and she said such a poignant thing - "It was an ordinary day when he died" All of our ordinary days make up our life and you're right, we have to live them to the fullest.


Baby Girl has grown up so fast. Tell her to please stop.
Thank you,

Plumrose Lane

I share your concerns however I think I would rather live life feeling as though I will be crushed when it's over because that will mean I have lived it to it's fullest. I know how difficult it is to loose those we love and yet it means we loved so deeply. Change is certainly the hardest part of life to swallow and digest.
Found you through A Fanciful Twist ~ loved my visit.

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