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September 27, 2010


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There's nothing else to say...except that I think I just wet my culottes.
The Wednesday post MUST happen. MUST...

Jill James

Would love to see whats in the photo album....and Happy Anniversary too! (ours was the 25th on September 25th) YES on the Wednesday what's in the jars! I should have my own "whats in my closets"......

Rhonda Roo

OH MY GREAT GOOBLY GOOS....what a nirvana!! I would have totally freaked. LOOKIT THE JARS!!!


That barn is awesome. Awesome I tell you!

What road was that on? I like coutnry roads too, although i have an annoying habit (not just to Cowboy i annoy myself eventually, too) of singing John Denver's big hit, country roooadss, take me home to the place, i belong...West Virgina (r u singing yet?) mountain mama take me home country roads....

ahem. Back to the jars, and barn sales and junk yards and ohhh, salvage (roo drools) and...well, yes i *am* a germaphobe, but the beauty is that (a) hand sanitizer travels well, (b) clorox wipes rock and (c) you can convince yourself any germs that had been there are long gone.

Possum or Opossum?


a fanciful twist

I want 10 jars and the old photo album, okay???

If I can't have them, I vill have to turn you into toad.

Remember how I said I wasn't jealous? I take it back. ;)

Love, V

a fanciful twist

ps: the thing that baffles me is how that man got all the stuff to put in those jars? I mean. Where??? Any thoughts??

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