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April 07, 2010


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Your kid IS adorable, so no, not sick of the pictures yet. and I LOVE the tutu. Makes me want one for myself, only longer, to wear on days when I feel like dressing up as I lounge around the house and apply for work.

Dusti Pearson

Laura, TOO Fabulous! Who would ever get tired of your little woodland fairy baby? The tutu is to DIE for! When Bran was around Violet's age Mom made her a baby blue tutu on a baby blue & white gingham ribbon, very gorgeous. I know because I'd try to squeeze myself into it, being the little sister and all.
She is going to love remembering her childhood and all the cool stuff her Mom was always making.


I love pictures of Miss One. To see her so full of joy is very up-lifting. Yeah, I've been sick, too, though not of the stomach variety. I'm grateful for that!

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