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February 09, 2010


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Dusti Pearson

Wow Laura, you win the prize for the Most Fancy!!! These are gorgeous. I love that you are into doing tedious things like this. And I thought I was patient-ha!
Ooh la la!~D


OOG! The process is daunting; I am glad you've shared your hard won experience. I have yet to make caramel, but I want to, I think? Your end result looks scrumptious. Which tasted better?

A Fanciful Twist

I might make the caramels today. RIght now I am baking heart shaped cookies with an open center that will be stuffed with buttercream and jam... Oh this crazy shortbread is an insane dough to work with.... COme live by me, Okay?? PLEASE!



NO! You have to move to WA state, not AZ! A crab needs the sea. Lucky me got a goodie bag of chocolates. LAURA! Those cameos are so beautifully done. I can't bring myself to take a bite...yet. And the caramels are mine, ALL MINE! Thank you, you darling girl. Is your laboratory, er kitchen, put back together? What was Baby doing whilst you produced these treats?

A Fanciful Twist

ps: Did I mention that those caramels were the best things I ever tasted in my entire entire entire life???

Love you Miss L ~ V


I just saw your chocolates over at Vanessa's blog. They are amazing. I have never seen Chocolate cameos, before.
You have a beautiful gift with the chocolate. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.


You make me sick! Sick, I tell ya! Why can't I be that patient/talented? I'd shoot someone before the caramels were done.

...and you CAN'T move anywhere...you just can't! You're mine!

Okay, that sounded a tad creepy...but I WILL fight for you.

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