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February 03, 2010


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I find crows fascinating. I have a flock here, though not year-round. Their nest security can be annoying, as they raise the alarm at 5 am, or as they strafe me on the way to the barn. They chase and try to bite the eagles. Even our ravens don't want to come that close to the eagles.

a fanciful twist

Now I am wondering if the bird i thought was a raven was really a crow?? WHoley Crow, how to know?

Tee heeee....

I have to re-read this, I have reading comprehension (well not comprehension but you know, plain attention) issues tonight :)) Because it is cold and I forgot to eat all afternoon and evening, and I am still fuming from the bad customer service encounter you had above ;)...

I think your artiste is Nicoletta Ceccoli... But i am not certain 100% - looks just like her work though...

Play Pretties

I love crows...and apparently I didn't realize it until now. Thanks Crow Lady!!! Oh yeah...and your new friend? Don't make me fight for you.
Have a great day!!!!!

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