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February 03, 2010


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I always appreciate good customer service and express it. Your experience...UNACCEPTABLE. If the business is smallish (as opposed to, say, Wal-Mart), or h*##, even if it is Wal-Mart), I would complain to the manager. Because no manager wants this behavior towards customers. Grrr.

Auntie V


I feel your pain more than i should.

I am $2,000 in hell fixing issues with my beautiful big canvas printer.

I have a warranty, but of course, it doesn't cover new this or that... OH OH, and they try to tell me I HAVE NO warranty, when I HAVE the policy #. Then they have to backtrack and apologize..


And, oh, mind you, I have only had it for two years and the girl says, Well, I mean, what do you expect, your machine is "old an obsolete..."

I SAID, "WHAT? WHat did you just say. It is two years old, and it take $300 worth of ink everytime it needs ink - and I pay it, and I order your canvas, and and.. you sit there and tell me my machine is old and obsolete? What does that say about your company? You have erased all my consumer conifdence in you...."

Guess what? I ended up fixing it my own darned self. And answering my own questions.

And, I have to say, the whole customer service thing and all that jazz, really scares me. Because I see it more on a global level, on what it says about us as a people and where we are headed...

I bet you are sorry you got me started???

The worst part is, you can't knock on her head and say ""HELOOOOOO???" or you will get arrested. Not that I like violence at all, or that I would knock on anyone's head if I could - but still, you know... sometimes, you just get a little pushed over the edge and these thoughts creep in.. ;) :)


I hope you asked right then and there to see the manager. Because the manager needs to know what a useless employee she is, and she needs to hear you explain just exactly how she isn't worth the money they're paying her. I have no patience for that sort of thing, and am always happy to turn it into a learning experience for the people involved. Politely and with temper in check, of course.

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