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January 03, 2010


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Oh, no, you DIDN'T...post a pic of Miss Lovely with her finger in her nose! And naked! Just 'cause you didn't want to wash her party dress whilst she got into her cake. OK, ok, give a mom a break. You did a great job getting that cake out of the pan with the detail intact. Ah, yes, the noisy kids' toys. You shall learn what NOT to allow into your house. And lucky for you, no evil siblings to buy them, nonetheless.


That last photo has GOT to be the one you show her prom date in 15 years.

She's getting SO BIG. She looks especially grown up in that first photo.

Play Pretties

She's a little beauty...the cake is pretty darn cool too. Good job!!!!!


Laura! I love your blog. The cake you made is so beautiful! My mom used to make us really neat cakes - it always made me feel really good! thanks for sharing a glimpse into your lovely family's life!

A Fanciful Twist


I am in love. I mean, in love.

Like, totalllllly in love!

Happy Day Miss Precious Violet!!!!! I know I am late, so so so sorry!

She is the most gorgeous nose picker candid model I ever saw!


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