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January 12, 2010


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Amazing and beautiful!!!

Dusti Pearson

This is such an awesome idea! As I was reading the one about being forgiving and not holding grudges I thought "That is exactly what Brandi would have said" and then I was delighted to see it WAS Brandi! What a fabulous group of Fairy Godmothers:) Miss Baby is blessed!


The illustrations you chose for each gift are brilliant. A really lovely idea and execution. Fairy Charlotte

Marcia Adams

Oh, Violet, you lucky lucky girleen! What a wonderful gift to have such a talented and loving mother. Your life will be fabulous and full of fun - the kind we all would have liked to have.

Jodell Hunt

Laura, you are still a genius! This is such a great idea and so beautifully done.
What a wonderful gift for a beautiful young lady on her first birthday!!!
Fairy Jodell

Rhonda Roo

Oh. Oh my goodness. Fast forward to years and years and years from now. A lovely Violet, having a deliriously good day, or one of those not so good days that we all have to have in order to appreciate the good days. And she sees the book, and re-reads, and smiles because she knows she comes from an incredible line of fairy godmothers, princesses and beautiful wonderful magical motherhood. (and papahood)

You are brilliant. And all you Godmommies are also brilliant. And i love you all for it! ♥


I feel so lucky to have been included in this group of women. What wonderful friends you have gathered around you. And what a stunning book.

Natalie Tischler

It's beautiful! What a lucky baby!

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