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January 26, 2010


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Dusti Pearson

WOW, I am so jealous of the journal swapping idea! I am going to suggest that to my friend Dana. She said something was "basically cooler than dookie balls" in a comment the other day. You know that's going to be good...
I love the paper silhouette set thing. So delicate and dainty, completely unlike my work. I need to lighten my media up some.
All this stuff is cooler than dookie balls.


I'm so happy you wanted to do it. I was so afraid you'd open the package and be all, "God! No! Not interested at ALL. Now how do I tell Sally that?"

I've started working on yours, but I'm letting it come slowly. The idea has been in my head for some time, but of course things change when they actually come out of your brain, so I'm taking baby steps with it.


Love the swap idea Laura! And remember the book you posted years ago about the people who both photographed something at the same time each day>..or something like that..from their lives? We should try that too...like all nature shots or something...or some them...everyday life..or domestic scenes..or even art...heck I don't know. LOVE all the art this post too! Dusti took a book binding/making class once and was really into it. Go Sally!!

Rhonda Roo

Su Blackwell is RIDICULOUSLY gifted. And "walking into a fragile fairy tale" is a perfect description. A safe place to create book swapping is enchanting. And Bjork is...Bjork.
Love me some carousels too. Even the one in "Something Wicked This Way Comes". And of course, American Gods...
And that brings us to books.
Books are wonderful incredible works of art unto themselves, gigantalated or teency. To look at them and be inspired, to open them and dream.....


I've wondered how these art swaps work. There are 2 books? And you mail them back and forth to make your entries? Then eventually you each keep a book? I don't know why this concept has been hard for me to grasp. It sounds simple! Because we all love you, it would be nice to get a flavor of these books, while not prying into private areas. We can keep a secret!

a fanciful twist

I have a prewritten blog post with that HUGE book from anthropolgie in it!! Did you see that every page is delicately decorated? I almsot fainted! I also almost bought it, but then I though, I could use the $1200 bucks to like, live and eat ;)

BUT I WANT IT!!! WE are so kindred it is painful (in a good way of course)! Love you, V


@Charlotte: Yes, I made two books. I sent one to Laura. Every month or so, we'll mail them to each other and decorate the next set of pages. It took me a while to figure out the logistics of it as well.

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