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December 08, 2009


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I remember when I was a student at Boise State University, they once cut down a 40-foot blue spruce tree for the SUB entrance.

You'd think, being BSU--the school colors are blue & orange--that they'd maybe hang orange lights & orange ornaments & ribbons on it, but NO. They FLOCKED that gorgeous tree ORANGE and hung purple ornaments. It was both hideous and a travesty.


Recipe for decorating tree way too hard. I simply take faux tree out of bag, place 3 sections atop each other, plug in lights, throw a skirt over the botton. DONE. Decorations? Just a distraction! Wait 'til you're 60, uh 61, and you'll do it my way. I do love that woodland bird cake. So Martha. Hmmm, back to my cookie baking. What kind of cookies, you ask? I dunno. Whatever comes in a tub you keep in the freezer. Yeah, those.

Stacy Ross

The whole PC thing? Trust me...I get it. Good grief do I get it.

My goal each year is to see just how obnoxious my tree can get. This year I have a 24 inch pink flamingo. Pretty sure I've outdone myself. Thank you very much.

Dusti Pearson

First the PC thing; my problem is not racism but other "isms". Example: I was working in an art supply store when a woman came in to get supplies to do do art with mentally retarded children...I use the word retarded WAY too much, usually talking about myself. To make matters worse I had to help her do actual math to figure out the thriftiest way to buy her supplies and I am "retarded" at math! Torture! I made it through the 30 minutes I helped her shop withOUT ever saying the "R" word though. YAY me!
I always do tree, lights, garland, ornaments in that order. I do like the idea of waiting to put on the special ornaments though. My Granddad always sprayed fake snow on their tree on Christmas eve, like Santa brought it with him! Doesn't that sound like fun?
This year I have a short fake one in a Pabst Blue Ribbon bucket-Done!

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