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December 11, 2009


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Love it! She is absolutely the best and most imaginitive blogger around! I didn't know she was so beautiful herself! Her life is art! And she is a Sagitarius...no wonder! Happy Birthday Vanessa!!!

Dusti Pearson

What a delight and inspiration! She sets the car HIGH for fanciness!

A Fanciful rotten Girl


I am speechlesssss, blown away, totally dumbfounded! I just love you and can't believe you girls pulled this off right behind my back!!!

You and sneaky Violet ;) Mister and I have cried so much, I need ice packs for my puffy 34 year old eyes ;)

You know how I adore you, my kindred ballon finding forest loving, magical sparkly beautiful friend.

I am so touched, so blown away. Thank you over the moon. I can't ever say enough. our kindredness is astounding!!

All my love, Vanessa


Awe, I need that calendar! Lovely tribute to our beloved Ms. Vanessa of the Royal Gypsies.
**blows merry kisses** Deb

A Fanciful rotten Girl

I just left you another note, but it zapped into mist ;)

I heart yoU!

Thank you again for this gorgeous post, and for taking the time to put it together!, it means the world to me!! love love love you oodles! ~V

Rhonda Roo


I love "I vote for Saintification.....Our Lady of Roses and Rollerskates."

Only if you are "Our Dazzling Goddess of Dashchunds and Masterful musings and Genius Goings On".

I'll whip up a feast for two of the loveliest souls in the bloggyverse! YAY!

Thank you thank you thank you !

♥ I would totally buy this calendar.

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