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December 28, 2009


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Your Baby Jesus card, and its production, is genius. I certainly was wondering how you pulled it together. I think you are smart to spend your Christmas day at home. Of the 3 family parties we attended (Eve, Day and Day After) 2 were here. I'd rather host than travel.

Dusti Pearson

You are SO smart! Your Christmas card is staying on my fridge all year.

Rhonda Roo

Oh..er. I was convinced you'd convinced Adam to build a life-sized manger while you ran around town collecting kitschy plastic creatures from store windows...

Kinda like seeing how your favorite movie was made...hee.

Well, either way you totally rocked Christmas Cards 2009. Its the stuff dreams for girls like me (oh no not another hallmark) are made of...


A Fanciful Twist

I am so in love with your guys, iot isn't even funny!!! You are us, only you. And you guys are much more good looking too ;)

Models I tell ya, and violet is so beautiful, I don't even think they make a word for how beautiful she is!! xoxxx

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