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November 11, 2009


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Rhonda Roo

That's what makes you brilliant in my eyes, Lovely Laura-you even make art out of wishbones.
PS Your urns ROCK. Good job!

Play Pretties

I thought to myself as I was deboning a chicken..."self, a wishbone deserves to be saved and collected." I now have 3. So glad someone else thought so too.


Your urns on the tree trunk bases look great. You know Martha seeks out and pays big bucks for "faux bois"...but you have the real thing. Do you burn wood in a fireplace or wood stove? We upgraded our wood stove for this winter and we are loving the increased heat output. I keep it going most every day. Because HERE our days reach a high of 48 degrees.

Laura Irrgang

Yes! I also think a little one would make a nice necklace, too. Or earrings. Now if I can only figure out how to dip one in silver......

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