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November 10, 2009


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I've only read Coraline. Started Graveyard but didn't get into it. Poo on me. Wonder if I still have it around here someplace...


I love him too. I haven't made it all the way through Sandman, but that's because I ran out of cash. He actually has his own shelf here. Not many artists have that privilege at my house. Gaiman, Elinor Lipman, Dorothy Sayers, Georgette Heyer. Wow. Eclectic tastes, I've got.

Rhonda Roo

I told you didn't I, when you mentioned him once before that he is one of my all time literary heroes? Did you read Stardust too? And Good Omens, which he did with Terri Pratchett I think it was? Let me know if you haven't-I'll send 'em to you!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Sexy Hunky Lovely Writer.

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