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November 21, 2009


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Charlotte Smothers

These coats for the Princess are tre chic. On eBay a few years back I bought a salmon color, wool swing jacket with a couple of rhinestone buttons on the collar. It is in pristine condition and very warm, but I rarely wear it. Well, why not?! Martha (I think it was her) had hedgehogs as pets on her old show years ago. They are so adorable I really wanted one. In CA they were difficult to find and I gave up. So cute, though. Guess Clyde really missed you, huh?

Stacy Ross

Hello there! I'm wondering which Thrift Store you go to. I need a new one to hit. There's one I go to in The Colony ... realllllly good one. Just curious. Thanks!!!

Laura Irrgang

Hmmm....lets see, where are you? I think you said youre near McKinney. Or did you say Mesquite? Let me know, and Ill see if I know of one out that direction. The ones I go to out here would be WAY too far for you, probably, and in the complete wrong direction.

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