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October 04, 2009


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Thank you for your visit that lead me here...I find these photographs really interesting. I had quite a few dead birds this summer and photographed and drew them...


These are incredible Laura, the most beautiful photgraphy ever....you notice they are dead, but only feel the beauty of the animal and the reverence with which they were handled, so it is not morbid at all but a tribute to nature...I love it.

Rhonda Roo

...you always post something with depth, or something that makes me smile, or think. I just love that about you! These are incredibly touching, and the vulnerability of wee creatures in their state of eternal repose, though you would think would evoke something akin to mortification, ends up being more of exactly what the artist was going for- a simple prayer for the pure souls they once were and a reverence for creatures great and small who lived and died honorably.
Just lovely, thank you for sharing...


Well, I must say I find these pics hard to look at. I do know that Nature is harsh, but I prefer to avoid confronting the reality of it. I don't object to predators hunting for their sustanance...but these pics just make me sad because it seems their death is somehow due to the hand of man. The barn owl. The red fox. The hummingbirds. A few of our most wonderful animals. I do appreciate the respect shown by the artist. Still...so sad.

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