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October 17, 2009


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Clyde fits in so well with your spooky atmosphere of this post. Love it!


Wicked Neat post! I never heard of Apple Fortune Telling! Awesome!
I loved the pic with the candles lit and the pumpkin! So Enchanting!
I enjoyed my visit! <{:O)
Be Enchanted!

priscilla cerda

Hello my pretties!
Just flying in to see the festivities! Looks like a bloody ol’ time! Off I go with my broom! Vrrrooom!
Visit my party@:
POOF! i'm gone, on my broom....just can't wait to see another room!


Great post. So many great images to feast my eyes on! I love the witches legs - very creative.




Sorry about your legs! I had a ton of comments in mind, but scrolled to the bottom and immediately lost my brain and started drooling over your BABY!!!! How precious! Lucky you. **kisskiss** Deborah


oh yes I saw that giraffe..and the W....Thank you for your hospitality...steer your broom over to my place for more treats if you haven't flown in already!


I WANT CANDY! MUST HAVE CANDY! Aura, get back! Back, Aura, get back. Get away from me. Laura, help!

two crazy crafters

I had a hauntingly great time at your party! Thanks for inviting me. Have a magical weekend! Twyla


fantastic party but if my dh brought me a spider i'd divorce his a** LOL - too scary for me :D

love the rug idea :D


Great and fun post Laura! I wanted to participate too but it was THE day of Ellie's party...also the bronchitis...hahah...maybe next year! I love your painting on the mantle!!! Miss you!!


What a great party, thanks for inviting me! Happy halloween.

Renee Khan

I absolutely loved your post.

Fantastic job.

Renee xoxo

Torie Jayne

Hi, Great Halloween post! Love the Candy jars! Happy Halloween to you!

Chris Klingler

Hi there!

Happy Hallowe'en and great party post!!!

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-:


elizabeth ofc ourse

wow, what a post! Wonderful bash, thanks for the invite! Happy Halloween!


Ohh I would love to find a painted acorn on my walks...what a treat!

Julie Ranae

FINALLY fell asleep at someone's party last night...so back to make rounds again today...

Thank you for the invitation...so glad you left the decorations up for me!

Please stop by and see my creative offerings for the party...they're still up, too!


A Fanciful Twist

All we are doing is over here swooning at how beautiful you are (both me and Mister) and Mister is delighting over how fantabulous you are with your food suitcase :))))) Oh and your hubbies hat, he is in love with that.

I think your face looks glowey gorgeous, mine is DRY and horrible!

I think I might have to ship him to live with you, then you can send Lady Violet to me ;) ;) I will trade you one old male baby for a cute young female one?????? teee heeeeee

Sooooo, on to Halloween things ;)

You rock. PLain and simple.

I LOVE your witch armoire squash and your giant halloween rug, annnnnnd wait, how do you know all these old wives witchy talez hmmmmmm????

Look at your apotho jars!! Wholey mackerel.

See, you rock.

I adore you and your baby and your world.

Now, can you PLEASE be my neighbor?????

I owe you a 789 page letter!!


ps: Thank you for making reference to the fact that I might need tylenol and rest. I was beginning to think I was being mistaken for wonder woman!!! Leave it to my sweet friend to feel my exhaustion ;)



I loved your magical party filled with all kinds of fortunes. Clyde is beautiful.


Loving the pumpkin spice Jello...And all the fortune telling that is going on at your party! Thank you for such fun...and I usually have several black widows hanging around the house...eeep!! Happy Halloween...



Sorry I am late! The trade winds blew me off course. Lovely party you are having! Thanks for having me. And that cheesecake sounds so delicious; I must try it.
Stop by my party if you please

Kristen (Queen of Nostalgia)

Great party! love the connected rugs! What a great idea! :) If you haven't stopped for a visit, hop on your broom and come to my party!



Luv all the fortune telling and you did crafts too!The acorns are too cute;)

Rhonda Roo

I love Laura I's Incredible Encyclopediae of Curious Things and Fascinating Information.
It's my favorite place to study.
I am enamored of your bewitching fortune telling skills and plethora of autumnal nail colors. I bet you're good with lore, too, like, if you drop a dish towel it means company is coming, or when a dragonfly flies low, it means rain soon...

I am forever beholden because you brought Jell-O pumpkin spice pudding to my attention.

And because you put fangs on family photos, and keep bugs in jars, and draw faces on acorns and then think of leaving some outside so little kids can believe in fairies, and take gorgeous pics of pumpkins by candlelight reflecting in glass....and because you are the coolest. Just seriously. Awesome.



This is the party that never ends....! (a twist on that ol' song) - hope you don't mind stragglers. What a lot of fun images in your post - so many things I'd like to comment on. I also collect certain books - I like to collect fairy books and children's Halloween books (there are many, I only buy the ones that really call to me). Clever idea sewing all the small rugs together - it looks good. What a pretty feline - grey kitties are always so soft. Well, I could gab on at length, but I should be off to visit a few more party folk!


Hello Laura,

What a big, but great halloweenpost !

I love it all, even the spidergift :)

The jars with candy look yummy, the creepy stuff on the windowsills perfect decoration, idem dito with your books and cat on the firemantle...
Me too, I like to create a "halloween"house with common stuff and just make it freaky...
I love your crashed witch : I wish I could find such stockings here to wear them myself daily.

The fortunetelling ideas are something to try out : I'm curious what it would tell me...

I have 6 cats in the house and two of them, especially our Emily " the strange" can have that evil look like your cat. She's a sweet cat and never did anything to harm us, but the look in her eyes sometimes make people think she's a cat to be scared off...

I read your previous post and the posts behind this one : it seems you're making a very nice trip. Your cute baby looks perfect in her skeletonclothes.

My "cute" girl is 16 now and would love this !

greetings from Belgium

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