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September 09, 2009


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WHAT? You don't like Cinnabon? It is a real guilty pleasure for me. I buy a mini bun maybe once a year. Home-style bakeries have disappeared into the American past. I can't even find a donut that isn't pre-made in huge batches in some factory then shipped to the local donut shops for, I guess, a final fry or something. In WA good french-type bread doesn't exist. After 6 years here I did find the real deal, and in my town, a few months back. Shortly thereafter, the bread disappeared from the shelves. The baker of this 1-man tiny bakery had died. Wow.


I love looking at the world through you eyes! What a cool gift from nature to show up in your driveway, looks like it belongs in a dollhouse. I just starteed a blog and wish I'd had my camera with me on my walk yesterday...I saw a squirrel that looked like it hafd a tennis ball sized goiter under it's chin...WEIRD-O! You would have loved it!

Laura Irrgang

Oh! Oh!  I'm so glad you've got a blog now, Dusti!!!!
I'm soooo disappointed you didn't capture Goiter Squirrel at its finest.  They have some nasty crazy nuts, though, so keep your zoom primed for that.

Rhonda Roo

Man I have got to get a job that doesnt require 14 hour days so i can keep up with all the good blogs! LOVE LOVE the cracker jack boxes, i hope they have them in publix! (do you have publix in Texas? Maybe not....)
THAT is an awesome Shlotskys. You are right-i have *never* seen one that looks like that! Lookit all the windows and wood + food = PERFECT NIRVANA. And, do you know i have NNEVER eaten a cinnabon ever? Just never appealed to me...
The wee little pumpkin fairy came and gave you a gift! What did you decide to do with it, I wonder?
PS- Yes CDC is a job hazard not my health hazard hee hee, i work for dept of health headquarters in florida, but besides from being prone to job stress i am healthy! But thanks for worrying! XOXOXOX ♥ Roo

Laura Irrgang

I KNOW!!!!
Small batch bakeries are almost a thing of the past.  When you do find one, though, it makes my heart sing.  By the way, I wanted to comment on your 'perfect slice of toast with butter and apricot jam/preserves' post.  YES!!!! That is one of my absolute favorite breakfasts, down to the jam.  I was wanting to bring some Irish butter back from Austin, but I didn't have cooler space and was scared to transport it in the summer.  SHOOT!
I DO hope you're having a lovely time in California.  That sounds like such a fun outing.  Things like that always kick me into high gear.   I loved the skeleton/glass display case thing tutorial....was that offerred at your workshop?
How sad to lose your local baker.  A one man bakery?  Impressive.

More later,

Laura Irrgang

FOURTEEN hour days??? Are you crazy, woman?  That sounds hideous. 
I used to work a LOT when I was with a gallery, but having my daughter Violet really made
me slow down.  I have less money, but I just couldn't keep it up.  The hours were too much.  You sound like you have an internal caffeine drip, though, so no worries.
No Publixs, by the way.  Just Satan-like Walmart.  And I live in the sticks, anyway, so I have to drive 30 miles to the grocery store. 

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