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November 12, 2008


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Those are some fabulous projects! The rug is funky and fun and the quilt is just gorgeous. Did you make up the rug pattern? 'Cause it's AWESOME.

And good for you with the chandelier. I just go out and buy new fixtures. It never occurs to me to just alter the old ones. Of course, in our house, the old ones are just ugly. Ugly shapes, ugly sizes, ugly designs. Nothing delicate and graceful like your chandelier.

I see, by the way, that you also have those fabulous popcorn ceilings. Our house is too old for them, so the previous owners ADDED it. They paid somebody money to come in and spray the popcorn on the ceilings of their 1940's house. WITH gold sparkles. Because they had class.


Hi Laura,

Sorry for the long absence...

Love your finished projects. I've always wanted to hook a rug, and your's is AWESOME. And... you have a dachshund as well! We have one too. He's 15 years old and feeling every year, I think.

Your velvet quilt is gorgeous - all my favorite colors in there.

Hope you and Baby are well,


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