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September 15, 2008


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I've been meaning to read that book, it looked like something I'd like, but then I read about the animal beatings, and I was done. I've discovered that's my hard limit in written or filmed storytelling. Someone hurts an animal (even if it's in a book, even if it's integral to the plot), and I am DONE with it. It just makes me ill.

Books I adore include:
Anything by Robertson Davies, but especially the Salterton Trilogy. (He was a Canadian novelist. Brilliant writer. I mean, I'm sure he's still Canadian. He's just dead. Hence the "was".) Also, they're thick. So they take up a lot of time.

Mistress of Spices by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers (Also her Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries.)

Anything by Barbara Pym. Her stories are about small lives, full of sly wit, and brilliant characterizations.

And if you like creepier, anything by Neil Gaiman. ESPECIALLY, well, no, anything by Neil Gaiman.

Also creepy, really creepy, The Circus of the Earth and Air by Brooke Stevens.

There are many, many more but this should get you started.

A Fanciful Twist

I own it. I am stuck on page 62 or so. I am enjoying it, and must make time to keep reading. It ha been on my shelf for over a year, bad on me!!
But, it is soooo funny in the beginning to me.. About aging and such...

Starting it up again today!! xo

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