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September 16, 2008


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Natalie Tischler

Whoa, that's so weird, we were just talking about ladies with really long hair the other day. Great pictures. You forgot about the country singer Crystal Gail!


i loved the story rapunzel, and the hair was just too cool! i went to a bellydance event last weekend, and the featured dancer had fabulously long hair that made me think of rapunzel, (it was maybe to her knees) and she was an amazing dancer too!

Mrs  Floweryapron

I love long hair, and on men as well, even if it's a bit tangled up. All the old ladies here have got short permed white bubble head hairdo's but I intend to be a nasty old lady with scraggly grey locks. Won't be long now.... xxx


It all is almost incredible! But very very nice :-)


Marianne and her long amazing braids

I am in Love with this woman....!:-)


Once your hare is sooper long you should donate to the place locks for love i think thats what its called :)


How i wish i could grow my hair like that o.o


deambulo oliendo pelo de chica y me encuentro con fantasias que se ven pero no se tocan, pero con la imaginacion se pueden tocar, soy [email protected] mucho gusto


The young woman in the studio is incredibly beautiful, I'm so happy for her! Mine is arm length, a little bothersome occasionally, but most of the time well worth the effort. Hello to everyone at M&FH!


Once your hair is super long you should KEEP it, not donate unless YOU want to. There shouldn't be an automatic expectation to donate just because your hair is very long.

Go donate blood instead. Or grow your own hair to donate if it is so important to you. But it is rude to tell others to donate their hair.

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